Global software engineering procurement and technology management advisory

We guide you to avoid common pitfalls, utilize a rigorous and transparent vetting process, and establish high performing remote engineering teams. We help you get it right the first time!

About your advisor

I truly enjoy my work, its diversity and challenges, and the privilege of serving a wide range of clients, from tech startups to SMBs and enterprises. About me:

I’ve had a successful 20-year career in software engineering, engineering management, and senior advisory roles. Throughout this period I’ve managed numerous local and remote offshore engineering teams in the U.S., Eastern Europe and Latin America.

My work is helping business leaders make their outsourcing initiatives successful the first time. I’m well attuned to the diverse challenges managers face related to technology personnel, performance issues, budget limitations, and speed of delivery. And I enjoy empowering them with more options and greater flexibility in executing their R&D.  

I am committed to your project’s success and thus offer optional advisory services to help you with the first few months of your engagement with your chosen provider. 

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Some Testimonials

“Ron was instrumental in structuring a cross-functional remote engineering team that is now well integrated into our business. During our on-boarding phase, Ron helped us adapt our software engineering process, quality assurance solutions and communication practices to enable us to successfully manage our teams. Thanks to Ron, we now have a long-term trust based collaboration, enabling us to achieve aggressive product development objectives and resolve our on going resourcing issues.”

Sarah Dupras, VP, Home Service Store

“Ron has been and continues to be great to work with. He has helped our company, Transview Logistics manage through difficult personnel and leadership changes as well as identify and secure talent in offshore/nearshore environments – and some really wonderful talent at that! He is responsive, timely, experienced and at the end of the day, produces solid results.”

Michael Bjerke, Partner, Transview Logistics

“TeamFound helped us establish a remote engineering hub in Eastern Europe. As a result, we’ve successfully expanded both our core platform and devops units, to fulfill our product initiatives. We use the distributed team model to enable us to work with talented people who aren’t in our local region, both in the U.S. and offshore.”

Ryan Freebern, Dir. of Engineering, USM

“TeamFound has helped us tremendously as we’ve established relationships with various IT and professional service organizations. Ron is a very effective negotiator and is careful to follow through on all of his business dealings. We have complete trust in TeamFound and their integrity and dedication is rock solid.”

Sophie Huang SVP International & Enterprise Initiatives, MyWebGrocer

“We approached Ron two years ago to help us solve the problem of acquiring enough engineering talent in a competitive hiring market. We were growing fast and while we were hiring locally, we also wanted alternative solutions. Ron helped us establish a remote software development team, to augment our internal staff in development and support of our SaaS platform. After a successful pilot, where the remote team worked independently on a complex project, we knew their talent was high caliber and we could work with them. Since then, we’ve had a long-term productive relationship with the remote team and have gradually expanded it. They continue to serve us today, with solid performance in three separate units. Ron’s early guidance and continued support was instrumental in making this relationship a success.”


“We’ve successfully augmented our start-up’s engineering team with talented remote developers. TeamFound saved us months of research and lowered our risk by quickly guiding us to the right developers, and by supporting us during the initial phase of our collaboration.”

Wojo Wietecha, CTO, AdYapper