Remote Developers in Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, and Mobile Technologies

Client: Atlanta based national home improvement services company
Industry: Home Improvement & Retail
Technology: Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile Technologies
Remote Team: 5 Software Developers, 2 Testers
Location of remote team: Eastern Europe

What were the reasons you sought a remote team?

Our development office is located in a challenging market for hiring software engineers, and we had difficulty in finding the skill-level we needed to develop our next-generation technology.

How skilled was your remote team?

Their software engineering skills are top grade and include programming, user interface design, software architecture, and project management. We couldn’t ask for a better set of talented engineers. And their communications are exceptional, akin to working with U.S. developers.

How would you characterize the remote engineering provider?

After working with them for two years, I can say that they are very professional and experienced in our technology set, and have been very supportive throughout our projects. We see our engineers in Romania as an extension of our internal team, and we feel we have a trusted relationship with the provider’s management. They came highly recommended by TeamFound.

Can you describe your daily engagement with the remote developers?

We run an Agile process, with daily scrums that include several members of our internal staff. Our remote team is dedicated to us, and includes a technical lead who takes the role of Scrum Master and organizes the backlog and sprints. They are involved from the early stages of requirements analysis to developing use cases and designing the UI, to writing the user stories in JIRA. The level of engagement and communication was excellent. They function as an extension of our internal team.

What kind of guidance did TeamFound provide?

Bringing forward a vetted set of providers was a huge help. TeamFound has a wealth of experience, and we didn’t have time for trial and error. After helping us establish the relationship with a Romanian provider, Ron stayed on the project to offer support and guidance in managing the team, until we were comfortable with running an Agile process and had a solid working relationship with them.

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