Solutions to the Top 3 Resourcing Problems CEO’s Face in R&D

Most CEO’s of technology companies experience three major pain points in R&D:

  1. HR struggles to find local developers, often taking 3-6 months to hire
  2. More engineering hires adds to the risk of sustained long-term costs
  3. Scaling your team is difficult and expensive in the current marketplace

Traditional resourcing strategies alone, involving HR efforts and local centralized teams, may not suffice to address these challenges. In the past 10-years I’ve helped technology companies adopt alternative resourcing solutions that enabled them to break free from local hiring constraints, reduce their budget risk, and scale on-demand.

When I was an engineering manager at a fast-growing New England startup, we propelled ourselves to #1 market position in our industry in large part because our CEO drove significantly faster innovations than our competition. He could do so because of our hybrid model of local hires and remote contracted engineering teams.

After much research and learning, we engaged with a remote software development team in Eastern Europe. They augmented our internal staff, but also ran independent projects where we didn’t have the skills, for example in mobile development. Our in-house engineers appreciated their remote colleagues because of their talent and similarity of culture.

Our CEO was thrilled. We finally found a real talent pipeline, where we can expand or delegate projects, and ramp-up/down based on business demands. Since then, I started a consultancy to help other tech companies successfully execute a similar strategy. Using my experience, clients have been able to:

  • Select the right partners the first time
  • Leverage a culture that emphasizes proactive technical strength and taking ownership, just like your internal developers.
  • Receive guidance on making your internal and remote teams high-performing, with best practices in remote communication and engineering processes.

TeamFound guides you through the critical and complex process of selecting a trusted, vetted remote engineering team, and the communication and process adjustments that make your teams high performing. Contact us for more information.

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