Remote Software Engineers AWS Amazon Web Services, Redshift, Data, PHP, Open-Source, Angular.js

Client: Software as a Service business
Industry: Digital Marketing
Technology: PHP, Open-source, Web services, AWS, Redshift, Angular.js
Remote Team: 3 Software Developers, 1 Tester, 2 Data Analysts/Developers
Location of remote team: Eastern Europe

Why did you launch a remote team?

We knew it was going to be a long haul hiring the right engineers locally. We couldn’t afford to wait that long. We needed to get our start-up idea out to market fast. A remote team offered a very fast ramp-up, with the talent-level we needed.

Secondly, because at this stage we’re quite a small management team, we don’t have the time to do HR management and performance reviews and all the things that hiring in-house would demand of us. We had to focus our efforts on delivering value to our customers, especially since we’re bootstrapping our startup.

How do you work with your remote team?

We use the agile scrum methodology, which works very well with a remote team setup. It provides a common workflow, consistency, and predictability. We run weekly sprints, daily stand-ups, and planning and review meetings. Our tools include JIRA, Slack, GoToMeeting, Google docs, and Asana.

What activities most contribute to making the remote team work for you?

One-on-one’s and weekly reviews. Most of the time we’re not present in the remote office, and so we rely on one-on-one’s to understand some of the difficulties our team is facing, as well as opportunities to professionally develop and inspire our team. We use weekly reviews to bring everyone together to demo their accomplishments, and have everyone be on the same page regarding the projects and current activities. It’s also a great way to share our vision with the team.

How did TeamFound help you ramp-up to the remote team?

TeamFound offered us the experience of having run remote teams many times before, which gave us confidence in utilizing remote developers. They also have long-running relationships with providers and connected us with one whom we found to be good managers with strength in attracting good talent.

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